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Sue is the information gatherer for Green Information. She has been an environmentalist for a long time now and decided to put all the information she finds in one useful place.

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Ethical fashion show at large shopping centre by Canterbury Partnership Environment Group

Not all fashion is bad for the environment.  It is not necessary to spin your cloth and then make your own clothes to be green (although if you do please let us know!).  Sometimes it is just a case of letting shoppers know there are alternatives.  For this reason the Canterbury Partne...

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What is organic food?

Organic farming recognises the direct connection between our health and the food we eat. Strict regulations, known as ‘standards’, define what organic farmers can and cannot do – and place a strong emphasis on the protection of wildlife and the environment. The leading certificatio...

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Recycled plastic by Kate Dakers

Summary: Until recently, the majority of products created from plastic lumber have been made using recycled plastic material imported from Holland, Germany, France and Poland. However, more UK businesses are looking at ways to recycle plastic waste and produce materials and products that will benefi...

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Solar Energy-By Iszi Taylor

  Solar panels…   Using solar panels is an excellent way of generating renewable energy to power appliances in the house, or even office. The light energy from the sun is transformed into useable energy for the home. This can be used to heat up hot water or even for the televisio...

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Fairtrade Cotton

Cotton on to Fairtrade Cotton! Around 110 million rural households worldwide depend on cotton for their livelihoods. The majority of cotton farmers in developing countries farm small plots of land and are often highly dependent upon the income they gain from cotton farming. This places them in a v...

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Eczema Treatments Through Traditional Chinese Methods by Emily Thomas

The skin affliction eczema has been deemed incurable by doctors this side of the world. However, in Asia, eczema has been known to be, if not cured, but significantly eased by Traditional Chinese Medicine and therapies. This is an example of the reasons why people are turning to alternative medicine...

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Can shopping save the planet? By Mark Lynas

  Summary It isn’t easy being green. Not so fast, say today’s big high-street chains. Now you can be green and gorgeous, eco-conscious and highly fashionable, simply by buying the latest climate-friendly consumer products. As James Murdoch, widely credited with getting his father ...

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Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)

Did you know that as part of the government’s programme to manage climate change, Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) are available to encourage businesses to invest in certain types of equipment? ECA are 100 per cent first year allowances enabling a business to reliev...

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