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Sue is the information gatherer for Green Information. She has been an environmentalist for a long time now and decided to put all the information she finds in one useful place.

Leon runs Design Advantage the Graphic and Web Design business who are sponsoring this site. He created the design of Green Information and Richard from his team built the site. 

Green Supply Chain

Here are a few supply chain strategies that can be used to reduce purchasing waste.  Buy local.  There are great social, economic and of course environmental benefits of supporting your local economy.  This is not appropriate in all cases though as sometimes there is a greater env...

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Eco-friendly nappies by Sam Mckinven

What are eco-friendly nappies?   Environmentally friendly nappies are the same as the disposable but just reusable and therefore they are much more environmentally friendly. There are many different types of disposable nappies such as; original terries, pre folded eco-friendly, pre- shaped, a...

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Freecycle network

We have used Freecycle for a while now saving many items from going to landfill and it is sometimes unexpected what people find useful.  We moved earlier this year and put the empty cardboard boxes onto the Canterbury Freecycle network.  We had eight replies and they went very quickly.&nb...

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Moving into a new home

Before moving Some people even take their bulbs with them when moving house. Check your fixtures and fittings list before exchanging contracts. If you need to buy replacements it's the perfect time to consider energy saving light bulbs, just one can reduce your lighting costs by an average of a...

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Dust storms in Syndey

The sky turned red over Sydney on September 23 2009.  This was Australia's worst dust storm in 70 years where desert sand and grit blanketed the east coast, diverting international flights into Sydney, stopping Syndey harbour passenger ferries and leaving millions of people coughing and splutte...

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Ethical feminine lingerie by Joanna Ketterer

Luva Huva is an ethical lingerie design label focussing on providing feminine style and reducing the environmental impact of the wasteful fashion industry. Using remnants and end of line fabrics that would otherwise go to waste the designer creates beautiful one off pieces and short lines of elegant...

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Business Transport Survey

One of the deliverables of the Canterbury District Partnership Environment Strategy is: Conduct annual survey of partners to establish business mileage and use of alternatives (walking, cycling, public transport, teleworking) We are looking for lots of Canterbury district (including Herne Bay...

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Plant a Tree, Save the Earth by Emily Thomas

Planting a tree is an easy, effective way to beautify and revamp your property, provide shade in summer and wind protection in winter. It enhances privacy and can increase real estate values at the same time. A tree can bring life to a garden and can even mean something; a planting could be a good w...

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