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Adder, common viper

Vipera berus Adders are the most northerly distributed snake - they are the only species found inside the Arctic circle. They are also Britain's only venomous reptile. Subspecies There are four subspecies. Vipera berus berus has the greatest range and is the subspecies found in Britain. ...

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Erinaceus europaeus Hedgehogs are probably our most familiar garden mammals, living in city parks and gardens as well as the countryside across Britain. They are very useful to the gardener, as they eat many garden pests. HEDGEHOG FEATURES Hedgehogs have short, sharp, stiff spines over the ...

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Keeping Chickens and Poultry

  Why keep chickens? Whether you are thinking about taking the first steps towards self sufficiency or you are simply looking to save money by producing your own food, chickens are the perfect way to start.  Just bear in mind they can live for 15 years and need daily care (including when...

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Ironing By Anna Young

Nearly everyone I know hates ironing. They don’t hate it because it uses up loads of energy, in turn producing carbon dioxide which we all know contributes to the greenhouse effect, they just don’t like how long it takes. So don’t over iron! Stop yourself from bothering to iron thi...

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Composting by Sam Mckinven

Why should we compost food?   Composting is becoming more important as landfill sites all over the world are filling up. Compost has two benefits; it reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise be going to landfill sites, also it is converted into a product which is useful for gardening,...

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Solar Energy-By Iszi Taylor

  Solar panels…   Using solar panels is an excellent way of generating renewable energy to power appliances in the house, or even office. The light energy from the sun is transformed into useable energy for the home. This can be used to heat up hot water or even for the televisio...

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