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How shall we heat our house?

Whenever it gets cold we start thinking again about sorting out some heating for our house.  We don't have gas and want to chose a sustainable option so have been thinking about heat pumps, biomass, solar and anything else that might suit.  Our house I am going to put our specific detail...

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Dust storms in Syndey

The sky turned red over Sydney on September 23 2009.  This was Australia's worst dust storm in 70 years where desert sand and grit blanketed the east coast, diverting international flights into Sydney, stopping Syndey harbour passenger ferries and leaving millions of people coughing and splutte...

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Use a stream or river to generate electricity! Hydroelectricity systems generate electricity from running water - usually a small stream. Small or "micro" hydroelectricity systems can produce enough electricity for lighting and electrical appliances in an average home. Hydroelectricity s...

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Homemade Batteries-By Iszi Taylor

The chemicals in usual batteries can be quite damaging to the environment when disposed of due to lithium and mercury in them. However, there are other safer and fascinating ways of producing handmade batteries…using food from your own kitchen...   Lemon batteries…. By simply p...

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Blackle-the eco-google – By Iszi Taylor

It was questioned in a newspaper about a year ago, whether a black google would result in saving energy instead of wasting power using the usual google. By using Blackle it means that less light energy is given off to the surroundings so more can be conserved by the computer.  Due to the popu...

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Micro-wind turbines for your home

Generate electricity at home with small-scale wind turbines Wind turbines harness the power of the wind and use it to generate electricity. Small systems known as "microwind" turbines can produce enough electricity for the lights and electrical appliances in a typical home. 40% of all ...

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