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Scrapping commercial vehicles

You may have commercial vehicles that you have purchased (rather than leased) and that are not suitable for resale that you wish to dispose of.  This could affect businesses such as taxi companies, car hire businesses, motorbike couriers, freight businesses and bus/coach companies.  Once t...

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WEEE regulations for Businesses

Make it - sell it- recycle it WEEE regulations were introduced in 2007 to tackle the growing amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). It is one of the fastest growing waste streams in Europe, and in the UK alone, we throw away around 2 million tonnes of WEEE every year, much of w...

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Recycling wood

Recycled wood products are made from post-consumer and post-industrial sources. Wood waste is cleaned and processed to remove any contaminants and to reduce particle size. This material is then used to manufacture a range of quality products for different markets. Some products may be made entirely ...

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Recycling glass

  Benefits and opportunities   Recycled glass is a hard, inert material which can be used in many different ways. The most popular and environmentally favourable approach is to remelt it to produce more glass, a process which can be repeated over and over again. This not only save...

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Recycle business waste

One company's waste is often another company's raw material. Business recycling is more complex that household recycling.  There are many definitions of what waste is but according to Schedule 22 of the Environment Act 1995: waste is any substance or object which the holder discards, or inte...

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Office furniture - reduce the stress on natural resources and send less waste to landfill

If you have a quantity of surplus office furniture that you would like to donate to an award-winning social enterprise to help reduce the stress on natural resources and send less waste to landfill or would like to purchase recycled quality furniture at low cost you need to take a look at Green Work...

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