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take action / climate change  


Addington is part of the Kent Climate Change Community Group.  The group has installed a rainwater harvesting system for their cricket pitch and pavillion.  For more information contact Peter Robinson at

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Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Medway Valley Countryside Partnership are part of the Kent Climate Change Community Group.  They are working on a number of initiatives. Planted 1700 trees in Teston. Aiding 20+ schools establish wildlife gardens. Producing local apple juice. Surveying & advising landowners on con...

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Otford Low Carbon Group

Otford Low Carbon Group are part of the Kent Climate Change Community Group.  They are just getting started so if you are in the Otford area why not get in touch with Bill Lattimer on and get involved.

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Edenbridge Town Council

Edenbridge Town Council are part of the Kent Climate Change Community Network.  Their current actions are:   Tree planting Millenium Wood – several hundred mixed mature trees planted Status: Complete   Awareness raising      Annual community events focusin...

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HadLOW Environment Group

HadLOW Environment Group are part of the Kent Climate Change Community Network.  Their current actions are: Growers group Community allotment fruit and vegetable growing. Greening the Village Cycle stands, fruit & tree planting, Noticeboard Finite Art Exhibition Exhibition available f...

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Elham Environment Group project

Set up Community Network Kent wide project via community events to set up an active register of climate change activities with view to forming buddy partners. No formal funding – costs shared with CPRE and ACRE Planned finish: End 2010 Set up communal vegetable growing scheme Ca...

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