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Get rid of your car by Tom Chance

Did you know that the average city driver spends only around 4 hours 40 minutes a week behind the wheel of their car?  This equates to only 3% of the total time the cars are on the road. This costs the British public an average of around £65 billion a year.  In these times of hardshi...

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The Man in Seat Sixty-One by Emily Mitchell

Who is the Man in Seat Sixty-One? He is Mark Smith, a railwayman who travels the world to find us all transport link across land and sea to take us to places both near and far. His website teaches us to enjoy the journey as well as the destination, and how to travel easily and cheaply as an alterna...

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Eco-Friendly Supercar by Emily Thomas

McLaren Automotive is an English car-making company which works closely with the Formula One team McLaren Mercedes with the aim of creating road cars based on F1 technology. Formula One: the sport where high-speed, energy-consuming cars race around a track can’t be good for the environment. Bu...

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10 tips for more eco friendly transport by Annie Lee

1. This first tip is good for not only the planet, but the mind body and soul. Walk, jog or cycle to work! It saves money, stops pollution and is good exercise to prevent heart disease and obesity. 2. If you’re too far away from work to go by foot or bike, get a bus or train, as the...

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Cycling to work by Sam Mckinven

 Why should I cycle to work?   There are not many people who would cycle to work for a number of reasons. Most people travel to work by car despite traffic problems. However some businesses are trying to encourage people to cycle to work. They are offering incentives such as paying them ...

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Cardboard Bike by Annie Lee

In 2008, the BBC did a report on a new type of bicycle. A cardboard bicycle. I know what you’re thinking, what happens when it rains? This is a question that the creator, Phil Bridge is asked all the time, but the cardboard itself is waterproofed at the point of manufacture, so by the time it&...

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