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Save energy and improve your properties

From 1st October 2008, landlords were legally bound to show tenants the Energy Performance Certificate score of the property they are renting, so now is the time to look at ways that you can save energy in your properties. Click here to find out more about Energy Performance Certificates. Not onl...

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Expensive Ethics by Emily Mitchell

A question on everyone’s lips when they visit trendy eco stores such as and could be “Why is everything so expensive?” Many reactions from people, including myself, could be that they think they cannot afford to spend so much on an item that...

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Keeping Chickens and Poultry

  Why keep chickens? Whether you are thinking about taking the first steps towards self sufficiency or you are simply looking to save money by producing your own food, chickens are the perfect way to start.  Just bear in mind they can live for 15 years and need daily care (including when...

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Community and Social workshop notes from UN Earth Day 2013 - Jo Barker

© Photo: Dik Ng Perhaps at the core of most environmental issues are 'people'. While we may be the cause of problems, we are certainly at the heart of the solutions. The two groups that met were very active in all sorts of community and social areas from working with individuals, to school...

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A party with a difference By Anna Young

Although the idea of a ‘teddy bear picnic’ is well known, a woodland party is not.  After visiting various sites on the Internet I discovered the interesting idea of celebrating a child’s birthday in the woodlands. Each website offered different ways in which the children are ...

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Airport on Kent and Essex Estuary will cause damage to wildlife

The Mayor of London wants to build an international airport on a man made island off the Kent and Essex coast in the Thames Estuary.
Medway Council, Kent County Council, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) have started a campaign to get this £40 billion scheme thrown out d...

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Children's craftwork

Kids and craftwork!  Mess! Mess! Mess!  Ah - not necessarily.  PlayMais is unbelievably clean to use.  Made from corn/maize, and coloured with natural food dyes (no harmful ‘e’ numbers and any staining simply washes away) it’s so easy to use.  Just dab on a...

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Fair Trade White Chocolate Crumbly Banana Squares Recipe- By Iszi Taylor

Indulge in oaty squares with fair-trade banana and melted chocolate….   Ingredients…   175g fair trade sugar 2 fair trade mashed bananas 25g fair trade sultanas 2 bars divine white chocolate (or other fair trade chocolate) 100g porridge oats 225g self raising flour ...

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