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Lounge on The Farm, The Environmentally Friendly Festival! by Elena Isolini

Lounge on The Farm is a festival in Canterbury which is held annually at Merton Farm. It is a great way to spend your summer weekend in July kicking back with family or friends – and its more eco friendly than most festivals!   The location The capacity of people is much smaller in com...

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Otford Low Carbon Group

Otford Low Carbon Group are part of the Kent Climate Change Community Group.  They are just getting started so if you are in the Otford area why not get in touch with Bill Lattimer on and get involved.

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Business Transport Survey

One of the deliverables of the Canterbury District Partnership Environment Strategy is: Conduct annual survey of partners to establish business mileage and use of alternatives (walking, cycling, public transport, teleworking) We are looking for lots of Canterbury district (including Herne Bay...

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Cardboard Bike by Annie Lee

In 2008, the BBC did a report on a new type of bicycle. A cardboard bicycle. I know what you’re thinking, what happens when it rains? This is a question that the creator, Phil Bridge is asked all the time, but the cardboard itself is waterproofed at the point of manufacture, so by the time it&...

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Saving the planet one shoe at a time By Anna Young

  Buying shoes is something that people commonly associate as a female’s hobby but did you know that about 200 million pairs of shoes are bought every year, by both men and women in Britain, and most of which that don’t actually fit our feet. Hunting around in the back of my closet...

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Home improvement tools

There are a range of energy saving improvements you can make to your home which will save you money and help prevent climate change. The below tools can help decide which improvements you can make to your home and if there are grants and offers to help you pay for these measures. Home Energy Check ...

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Eco-friendly nappies by Sam Mckinven

What are eco-friendly nappies?   Environmentally friendly nappies are the same as the disposable but just reusable and therefore they are much more environmentally friendly. There are many different types of disposable nappies such as; original terries, pre folded eco-friendly, pre- shaped, a...

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Airport on Kent and Essex Estuary will cause damage to wildlife

The Mayor of London wants to build an international airport on a man made island off the Kent and Essex coast in the Thames Estuary.
Medway Council, Kent County Council, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) have started a campaign to get this £40 billion scheme thrown out d...

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